Want to know how to get through Summer without breaking the bank, easily filling in the extended daylight hours with activities and still have some time to devote to date night and/or me-time?

The answer is to “Share The Summer”.  Here is how…..

  • Get 4 of your favorite families to form a team (your family makes 5)
  • Run a 5-day rotating weekly schedule consisting of a dinner.
  • Each family picks one day of the workweek to be in charge of dinner.
  • Budgets and menus can be agreed upon ahead of time (for example: each host family pays for the meal they are hosting & the menu must include 1 protein & 1 carb)
  • The day of, all 5 families get together for dinner at the host family’s place.
  • Everything from planning, prep, cooking/ordering are the charge of the host family.
  • That done the host family gets the next 4 weekdays off from dinner duties.
  • Weekends can be family-time or can be included in the rotation.
  • Same goes for activities for the kids and clean up after the meal.
  • This way each family need only work on 18 dinners during the 4 months of Summer (instead of 80).

For an illustrative tool to put this plan into action use our Share the Yoke Calendar.

Welcome to Summer!