Call it evolution, growth, re-org, new & improved, or any other name, it all adds up to one word – CHANGE.  In work and in life, change is the one thing that remains un-changed. As a consultant, Toniya works with key players to foster a fluid transition to change, offering customized solutions in some key areas.

Toniya’s Consulting Process includes:

  • Research/Discovery: This step sources pertinent data and can include on site tour/s, surveys, Town Halls, Focus Groups, process audits and 1:1 interviews – or any combination of these.
  • Evaluation/Assessment & Probable Cause: At this step Toniya evaluates the issue and its causes based on the findings in Step 1. Oftentimes it is during this process that underlying causes (Probable Cause) of an issue, if any, are revealed.
  • Gap Identification & Possible Resolution: This step is reports the gaps identified in Step 1 & 2. Additionally, suggestions for possible resolutions are listed alongside the identified gaps.
  • Deliverables: This is an add-on service to the Consulting process and involves a deeper dive into the implementation of the changes selected by the organization.