Customer Testimonials

Feedback and Comments from Happy and Satisfied Clients
“I dedicate this page to my teachers and trainers, colleagues and managers, customers and clients, students and friends, all of whom have graciously volunteered their vote of confidence over the years.   Thank you all.  You have my deepest gratitude for the contents of this page, which would not be possible without you.”  -Toniya Singh, MBA

Great customer testimonials from our core focus groups:

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  • Coaching
  • Participants & Attendees (Speeches, Workshops, Presentations)
  • Team Cohesion & Customer Service
  • Training

Business Retention

Toniya was truly wonderful on a long and difficult call with a customer of mine.  I had just sold them a subscription and they were activated today.  Once they got into the product, they decided they did not like it, and called me to cancel the order.  In talking with them to hopefully smooth things over, I conferenced in Toniya for assistance.  She helped answer some challenging questions, and by the end of the call I really feel we saved this account.  I was very impressed with her assistance and will definitely be looking to her for more help down the road.

C. D. Collins

Dayton, OH

I had the pleasure of Toniya Singh’s excellent assistance with a challenging issue for a corporate legal prospect.  Toniya demonstrated amazing creativity, tenacity, intelligence, communication skills, and patience.  She went above and beyond by caring enough to explain the reasoning behind how all the information was organized and the functionality of the interface so that I had a complete understanding of the product, was able to present to my prospect and gain a new customer. I feel lucky to be the beneficiary of Toniya’s support!

M. Ferrara

Boston, MA

I recommend Toniya Singh.  I have worked with her and she is amazing.  One of the best examples I can give to convey my point is that I had a firm that had called in very upset as they thought that something that was outside their plan was supposed to be part of the subscription.  Toniya talked to the customer, and got them to calm down.  She then took it a step further to find out the issue in detail, what had already been done, and asked what solution they would like to see going forward.  At this point, Toniya’s job was done, but she didn’t stop there.  Toniya sent me an e-mail with all this information, and then followed up with me on the phone.  The phone call was something I would not get from someone in her position, but thanks to her I knew all the details.  Because of her extra help with the customer, I ended up adding content to the plan and increase the revenue in my territory.

M. Smith

Dayton, OH


I really enjoyed my coaching session. Toniya stayed on purpose, held the focus and shifted as necessary in order to figure out what inspires and challenges me. She was direct and honest, a good balance between supporting me and confronting me to stay accountable.  She stayed even and centered and reflected back to me in a very effective manner. I was able to gain some new insights and understanding into some of my blocks and well as my strengths. I really value the time we shared.  I felt 100% supported.  A big thanks!

S. Taylor

Dayton, OH

As a life/work balance coach, Toniya began our first coaching session by setting expectations. She was straightforward and clear in explaining the process, and that helped me a great deal, since I didn’t know what to expect. Her expertise was apparent from the very beginning.  Toniya was very professional at all times, but also very personable. She has a way of asking probing questions to help guide the session, and always gave me her undivided attention.  Toniya’s expertise, professionalism, and personality make her a delight to work with and I can recommend working with her without any reservations.

M. Young

Dayton, OH

I had a customer that wanted to search a 10-k filing for a company in a database that was new to me.  Toniya not only coached me on how to conduct the initial search, but also helped me continue to search within the document to answer the customer’s very-detailed questions.  Toniya continued to work with me until we found the specific information for the customer.  This would not have been possible for me without Toniya’s patient assistance and tenacity.

D. L. Smith

Dayton, OH

Toniya is a very encouraging coach, well-organized, and she wants you to succeed.  She tracks what you need help with, and has exercises designed to increase your learning level, test your knowledge, and help you learn new things.  Her numerous guides, handouts, and checklists have been a tremendous help.  She was one of my favorite coaches and a big part of the equation of being able to go solo.  She knows her material and is always giving out great suggestions.  I also learned from listening to her take some calls, and have become a better call-taker because of her.

J. Crockford

Dayton, OH

Toniya was one of my favorite coaches.  She knew when to back off, and when to step in.  She had a willingness to help, and whenever she stepped in, she pointed me in the right direction without being overbearing.  She always came prepared and even took notes herself when she was coaching.  She gave me a great checklist that I look at almost every day, and above all her positive attitude helped a lot.  We were going to get through our calls no matter what!

K. Sutherland

Miamisburg, OH

Toniya has certain strengths that make learning fun.  For example, her ability to lighten the mood (very important for a new hire—helps to ease the anxiety).  She has an excellent ability to speak openly, and gives fair feedback, both positive and negative.  She stays in the background when not needed, and jumps in to help when required.  I really enjoyed having her as a coach for she is fun–and fun is good because we can all take life too serious sometimes.

D. Taulbee

Dayton, OH

Toniya comes up with great ideas for trainees to work on their issues.  For example, a team member of mine was struggling in projecting confidence in his tone.  Toniya asked him to give her a two-minute speech on any topic of his choice that he was passionate about.  He began telling her about a hobby he had, and after the two minutes were up she asked him to evaluate the tone he had just used.  In later coaching sessions, all she had to do was mention the topic of his hobby and he would know his voice needed more projection.  This is just one of the recent examples that come to mind.  Her other contributions are also valuable like her feedback, where her comments are well thought out or her creative suggestions and ways to get over various training issues.

K. Ewing

Dayton, OH

Toniya and I met through Jobseekers at Fairhaven. She has turned out to be someone who is very insightful about the skills and abilities of those she works with and is very professional. She has an innate EQ talent and would make a wonderful career coach for a company or an individual.

K. Wilson

Dayton, OH

I first met Toniya at a business networking event. I could tell right away that she is detailed-oriented professional.  I would say that her gift is in interpersonal communication. It takes skill to connect with individuals. Her experience in Human Resources training and interview coaching is of great value.   Toniya also has the ability to strategically address challenging topics, and approach them with tact and professionalism. I can tell that she would be a good mediator, and approaches opportunities in a logical manner. Toniya has so much talent to contribute, and would be an asset to your organization..

L. Thomas

W. Carrollton, OH

Toniya is a bundle of enthusiasm and energy, and is always looking to learn new skills. When I worked with Toniya at LexisNexis, she also demonstrated a knack for coaching, in that she would figure out what each individual person would respond to and adjust her coaching style accordingly. Because of her ability to adjust and adapt to different personalities and learning styles, Toniya was recognized for her coaching by her peers, management, and most importantly – the students/trainees themselves. Toniya would be an asset to any organization, particularly in any role where she is able to continue coaching or teaching.

B. Farmer

Dayton, OH

Toniya is a great coach and mentor. She expresses interest in the trainee, is a good listener, has good communication skills, accommodates individual differences, maintains a relaxed manner, and is receptive to questions. She is energetic, optimistic, prepared, willing to commit time to individual needs, and is able to alter material during training according to trainees’ needs or time constraints.

P. Martini

Cincinnati, OH

Toniya’s refreshing personality combined with her strong personal drive, education and background seem to make her an ideal candidate to easily transition into a teaching/coaching/mentoring role. She has the ability to explain a difficult subject or potentially sensitive topic in an easily understood, professional manner. If building a new team, Toniya is the type of person I would seek out.

C. Pederson

Dayton, OH

Participants & Attendees (Speeches, Workshops, Presentations)

Toniya is an energizing and engaging speaker. Her passion makes you want to get out, get going and make an impact TODAY!

M. Miller

Dayton, OH

My team members were all fired up!  That said they wished her training was longer. I was jealous to not be in the session with them!

R. Singer

Toledo, OH

Toniya was a featured speaker at our customer conference where the audience members were all local government professionals. Attendees reported having a fun and informative experience, and I would recommend Toniya to anyone who wants to provide their team with a fresh, relevant perspective on providing outstanding customer service.

L. Jones

Lebanon, OH

I believe Tonyia was excellent, she was enthusiastic and passionate about her topic. She provided solid examples of applications for the methods and techniques she provided, and she made a point of making the attendees engage. Overall I give her an excellent rating.


Toledo, OH

I could not find my notes for reference, but had Toniya’s business card.  She graciously sent me her presentation.  I found the presentation originally engaging with her enthusiastic style, energy and experience, but this follow-up on a request pushes her customer service in to the titanium value she presented.

Beth Burnett

Toledo, OH

Team Cohesion & Customer Service

Toniya is a pleasure to work with.  She brings enthusiasm and energy to any group she is a part of. Toniya’s passion engages everyone.  Her encouragement, compassion and sensitivity get even reluctant members to actively participate.  Any team that Toniya is part of will perform better as a result of her involvement.

E. Massie

Springboro, OH

I have had the pleasure of working with Toniya from Customer Support a few times.  She exhibits our core value of “Customer Focus” because she follows up on issues so that she can provide the customer with a timely response.  She is known to send out ‘reminder’ notes to let developers know that she needs status on an issue and regularly communicates this information back to the customer.  I believe that customers like to hear back from our company, even if a fix will take a long time, because it shows that we value the customer’s time.  Toniya’s efforts ensure that each customer is heard and that their problems receive attention.  Toniya is truly an asset to our company and a strong contributing factor in our efforts to improve the Total Customer Experience.

W. Houston

Boston, MA

I had exceptional service from Toniya this week and I wanted to pass along how impressed I was with her willingness to quickly resolve my problem.  After months of attempting to get an answer from others, Toniya was able to provide me with an answer in less than 24-hours.  She then went one step further suggesting an improvement to the database.  I hope those involved in the consideration and implementation of such changes are notified of her suggestion.  The suggestion was an excellent one, and would especially benefit Canadian customers like me.

H. B. James

Calgary, Alberta

I was on the same Customer Support team as Toniya. I found her to be very diligent when following up on customer issues and was very persistent to make sure that ongoing issues affecting her customers were resolved on or before their deadline.

Kelly O.

Dayton, OH

I worked with Toniya as a Research Representative on the same team. She was always positive towards our work, and went above and beyond to learn and deliver on the company products, programs and interfaces, which could be very complex. To the customers, she was always pleasant and very competent in delivering the results they desired.

K. Smith

Lexington, KY

Toniya is a pleasure to work with.  She is always willing to help wherever she can and is an asset to any team that is lucky enough to retain her talents.  She cares about her co-workers and strives to help improve morale in even the most negative of circumstances.  Toniya also receives feedback well and works to strengthen her skills in any area that would assist her with her job.

H. Oney

Dayton, OH

I have known Toniya for at least five years and have always been impressed with her dedication, work ethic, and customer focus. She is also very personable and smart and always worked very well with customers and colleagues.

H. C. Geyer, Esq.

Dayton, OH


As a Training Director, I interact with contracted trainers on a daily basis.  Toniya was by far one of the most competent and impressive trainers that I have ever encountered.  Her attention to detail,  preparation, and connection with the client beforehand was the best that I have witnessed.  She represented our organization with the utmost respect and professionalism, and the attendees truly appreciated her enthusiastic and inspiring presentations.  Feedback from the sessions showed that participants were engaged and interested in the information that Toniya provided, and everyone left feeling knowledgeable and empowered.  I highly recommend Toniya as the ultimate professional trainer.

A. Gonzalez

San Diego, CA

I just wanted to pass along what a great trainer Toniya is.  She is very patient and informative and I have learned a lot from her.  On the occasions that I have had the opportunity to work with Toniya , she has been a very good teacher, is understanding and helpful.  She approaches teaching in a manner that you learn but are also comfortable with.  Furthermore, she understands that I am still learning and conveys information in a way that you don’t feel belittled or talked down to, which some other coaches seem to have forgotten.  Toniya on the other hand approaches this as a learning experience not only for me, but for herself too and that is exactly what a teacher/coach should have in their mindset, and Toniya does.  I hope I can work with her as my coach more in the future because she is doing a great job and I wanted to be sure to pass that along to you.

J. Peitz

Dayton, OH

I would like to give a peer-to-peer compliment to Toniya for all the hard work she put into creating and delivering the training during our team building last month.  Toniya met with Management in charge of the topic being taught about, to relay her ideas and get verification of the policies surrounding the topic.  The training was made applicable to all team members and Toniya sought their ideas, while sharing her own, on how to improve our performances in this area.   Later Toniya incorporated the ideas shared by the team members, into the training document and followed up with the Quality Board to verify accuracy.  She then followed up with the Professional Skills team to see if they would like to own the document, which was not only accepted, but is now checked into our training database as a reference tool so team members across the department can have access to the benefits of this training.  Thank you Toniya.

K. O’Keefe

Centerville, OH

Passion for subject, great encouragement, makes it enjoyable.  Fabulous enthusiasm, which is essential to be contagious to a group.  On a 10 point scale, where 0 = Poor / 5 = Satisfactory and 10 = Outstanding, Toniya rates a 10!

T. Williams

Dayton, OH

Toniya and I were colleagues at LexisNexis customer support. I had a number of opportunities to work with Toniya in providing support to our customers. Toniya has always given clear, precise instructions when educating customers on how to perform specific tasks. She is very detail-oriented and knows how to professionally train and educate her colleagues and customers.

K. Hughes

Dayton, OH

I had the opportunity to attend a workshop Toniya presented and was awed by her enthusiasm and engaging demeanor. From the moment any person entered the room she had a welcoming presence. She was well organized and well spoken and always in command of the session. Her knowledge of the subject matter was impeccable and she used practical examples and gave “hands on” exercises for us to use right on the spot.

T. Williams

Dayton, OH

Ms Singh is one of the most hard-working and dedicated people I know. Her attention to detail allows her to delight in all things great and small. Most importantly, Toniya is a great listener, a skill that allows her to quickly and correctly pinpoint training needs and areas of improvement or development. Any potential business partner or employer should know they’d be lucky to count Toniya as a colleague, and that they can contact me for both professional and personal references for her.

M. Young

Dayton, OH

Toniya was so diligent about following up on customer issues that I suggested she create and deliver training to our team on her method for making sure that ongoing issues for her customers get resolved and don’t fall through the cracks. She created training from scratch and energetically delivered it to our team. The training was easy to follow and provided a roadmap for others to follow her example. The training became part of the permanent library of training documents used by our department.

K. O’Keefe

Dayton, OH

I attended an informational interview workshop presented by Toniya Singh. She explained the importance of informational interviews and how beneficial they are for networking and career exploration. With this idea as a premise we were assigned an activity at the end of the class. We played a game called “Knowledge Scoop” created by Toniya which involved a question and answer format. For this game we were given five categories which included Sharing, Connecting, Action, Gathering Knowledge, and Offering Value. She provided the questions and we as a group had to decide in which category each question would reside. The class was enthusiastic about Toniya’s coaching and accepted this activity as part of a great opportunity to learn. I believe this session was helpful and a practical step for us to pursue.

S. Schnorr

Dayton, OH

Toniya is such a delightful, warm individual. As a former colleague and friend, she always strikes me with her insight. She has the innate ability to see all sides of a situation, playing devil’s advocate when needed, but always in a supporting way. Toniya’s strength is caring 100% about whomever she is in front of, taking the time to understand and counsel to the need(s) at hand. This suits her very well in her role as trainer, teacher and coach, and she would be a great asset to any organization.

K. Liepelt

Dayton, OH