Serendipity – Know. How. Now.

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As our personal and professional lives move on, they require a parallel evolution of the principal participants – Ourselves.

Sometimes the evolution is forced, other times it comes naturally.  But by far, the most serendipitous is the evolution that happens seamlessly – no pain, no change, no cost – just growth.  It is also the most elusive.  Lucky are those that see it first-hand, luckier still are those of us that experience it.

I recently spoke about Work/Life Balance – or more specifically, the MYTH that is Work/Life Balance.  The feedback was unanimous – the message had resonated!  What is more, it had transcended generations.  That was perhaps the most rewarding of all the accolades I received.  That Gen Xers and Millenials, Baby Boomers and Gen-Y alike, sought me out to say “I am you!  You are me!”

To be able to blur the lines between generations, (not to mention cultures) each one of us at a different milestone of our personal and professional evolution and offer a message that is so universal was nothing short of my own serendipitous evolution as a contributor (who knew?!?).

That the listeners found themselves in my contribution is gravy!

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