Informational Interview Workbook


This Workbook contains 4 Documents, for the Price of 1!


This Workbook contains 4 Documents, for the Price of 1!

If you have ever asked a friend or neighbor for a referral to a good mechanic, a good doctor, a handyman etc you have already conducted an Informational Interview.

In the context of Job Searching, Informational Interviews are common and highly recommended because of their high ROI.  Not only do they grow your people-base, they keep you abreast of the industry or company of your choice and keep your inter-personal skills current.  This workbook provides 2 of the most important tools when it comes to Informational Interviews.


The Informational Interview Worksheet – This is a quick interviewing guide when conducting an informational interview .  Fill it in before your informational interview and simply follow the document at the interview.

The Informational Interview Question Bank – This document provides a series of questions covering a host of topics that a job search candidate may want to learn about. Not all questions apply to every informational interview.  Choose the right ones before embarking upon the interview.  This document does the thinking for you.  All you have to do is create a set of relevant questions based on the Informational Interview candidate you are about to meet.

Short on time to make your selection from the Question Bank?  Use these quick sheets!

BONUS! Industry Specific Questions for Informational Interviews

BONUS! Company Specific Questions for Informational Interviews