Set yourself a timer for 30 seconds.  Now, chew on this thought for that time: “All our waking hours are a one-time deal”.   When the timer goes off realize that those 30 seconds are gone forever. We do not get them back.  Ever.  A sobering thought isn’t it?

With that in mind, think of the intrinsic value of each day that is given to us.  It is any wonder that it is called “The Present”?  Now think of the value of a simple 4-step plan that allows us to make the most of every ‘Present’.  Would you like to have such a treasure?  If you answered yes, this is your lucky day because here it is:

Plan (ahead) – Make a list of everything you wish to accomplish when you get your next ‘Present’.  I do this the night before; you may do it the day of.  But do it before stepping out to use (up) your present so you are not doing expending it on the fly.

Prioritize – Now that you have your list of things to accomplish assign them their due.  Use the Task-A; Task-B; Task-C method or use Stephen Covey’s 2×2 management matrix, use numbers, colors, stickers – whatever works for you. Just remember, prioritizing is the goal.

Pare (it down) – Start trimming your list down by following the hi-priority/low pleasure method i.e. tackle the hi-priority A-tasks first.  Of the remaining tasks, first, do the ones that are the least enjoyable leaving the best for last.  Think of those as your ‘task-desserts’.

Praise (yourself) – End your day on a high note by validating yourself for what you accomplished during the day.  If you were unable to complete all the tasks on your list, praise yourself for the ones you did get done (make a list of the completed ones if it helps).

Rinse. Repeat.  The Present is yours.  Make it count.

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