Toniya Singh, MBA

Certified Master Coach, Toniya Singh, MBA is a multi-lingual Customer Service and Training Consultant with extensive background in customer care, sales, diagnosis and problem resolution

  • Keynotes 100% 100%
  • BreakOuts 90% 90%
  • Individual Coaching 70% 70%
  • Group Coaching 60% 60%
  • Training Design 100% 100%
  • Facilitation 50% 50%

Toniya’s Story

Toniya Singh, MBA is a Certified Master Coach and speaks five East Indian languages. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, with minors in Education and French Literature from the University of Bombay where she graduated magna cum laude. She earned her MBA in Healthcare Change & Leadership in 2019, graduating summa cum laude. Her professional tenure includes Training Design & Implementation, Coaching & Mentoring, Problem Identification & Resolution, with measurable results in Workforce Building & Business Retention. Her experience combined with her background allow Toniya to provide strategic advantages in the areas of customer service, business retention, and diversity. She serves as a consultant for both sides of the immigration dyad and most recently used her expertise in marketing, customer care, and problem solving as a member of a Fortune 500 U.S. corporation serving the legal industry.

Professional Profile and Recent Accomplishments

Professional Experience:

  • Professional Public Speaking
  • Individual & Group Coaching
  • Training Design & Implementation
  • Individual & Classroom Instruction
  • Customer Treatment & Support
  • Personality Variables in the Workplace
  • Employee Engagement / Team Cohesion
  • Workforce Training & Development

Speaking Engagements:

  • Featured Speaker – TEDxDayton  YouTube Video
  • Best Speaker (Guest) – Toastmasters

Issue Identification, Diagnosis & Resolution:

  • Effective & final resolution of >90% of issues reported at first level.
  • Reduction in employee apathy via team member buy-in and the feedback driving home their individual and collective value.
  • Shrinkage in the turn-around time of problem resolution by an average ratio of months: minutes by utilizing indigenous language to communicate with an overseas workforce.
  • Process improvement involving brokering internal collaboration across multiple departments.
  • Successful forestalling of possible class action lawsuit by a school district for long term misplaced and misapplied 401k plans.


  • Customized instruction for customers on new and existing software, improving business retention and growing client base.
  • Delivering instruction in written, oral and aural French covering three levels of proficiency; finishing in 50% of stipulated time frame.
  • Overseas instruction in :
  • Problem Identification
  • Issue Resolution
  • Team Building
  • Project Management
  • Employee Engagement


  • Mediated conflicts between field agents and customers to dissipate concerns ensuring business retention.
  • Averted client account exodus through mediation with the client on behalf of agent and company.
  • 100% rate of success on all mediation via execution of all promised deliverables on or before time, solidifying customer retention and company credibility.

Change Agent:

  • Created customized processes for top revenue generators reducing processing time.
  • Advisory role in improved performance by suggesting tasks be matched to talent rather than titles.
  • Reduced islanded mindset of employees via tools like empathy and team member buy-in.
  • Implementation of new workflow system using in-house technology to decrease customer complaints, call center hold times and processing delays.


  • 100% rate of success of new hires trained and coached in comprehensive implementation of department software, products, and procedures.
  • 100% rate of success of coaching in customer training techniques, problem identification, resolution research and escalation prevention.
  • 100% rate of success of students in college placement tests; instructed in elementary, intermediate and advanced French language skills (oral, aural & written).

Event Management:

  • Designed membership drive, via conferences, including training interspersed with holistic and compatible recreational activities.
  • Contests and activities to improve team cohesion and employee engagement resulting in the enhancement of individual and team performances.
  • Customer appreciation events designed to foster networking and face-time; enhancing trust and improved professional relationships.

Toniya continues to study alongside other established professionals from the US and around the world, dedicated to the design and delivery of training geared towards improved results. In her spare time, Toniya volunteers at The Diversity Council, local jobseekers’ groups and mentors on the speakers’ committee at TEDx Dayton.  Contact Toniya